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Setting Sudo/Administrator Permissions

The JumpCloud agent allows for setting user access controls in order to grant either Standard or Administrator/Sudoer permissions. There are several ways to manage the access levels of users.


Set a user as a Global Administrator

  • A Global Administrator will have either Administrator or sudoer rights on any system they are bound to.
  • Passwordless sudo may also be assigned to Global Administrators; this applies to Linux systems only and recommended for service accounts.
  • Global settings may not be modified on a per-system basis.
  • Permission level is also displayed in Systems > Your_system > Users tab


Set permissions on a per-system basis

Users that are not Global Administrators can enable elevated permissions on a per-system basis, go to User > Your_user > Systems tab, select 'Enable Permissions'

For Windows, choose Administrator. For Linux, sudo, or passwordless sudo can be chosen.

  • Elevated rights will only be granted on the systems where it was explicitly defined. They will be a standard user for any other system. 
  • If the user was bound to the system via group membership, a direct system binding will also be created. In order to remove access to the system, the user must be removed from the group AND the direct binding.
  • Permission level is also managed in Systems > Your_system > Users tab.


Last Updated: May 24, 2018 03:58PM MDT

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