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August 2017

Feature Releases

New Featurettes
  • Keeper Security SAML/SSO connector deployed.
  • SproutVideo SAML/SSO connector deployed.

Bug Fix
  • This release fixes an issue where a user who was locked out of their account could no longer access their G Suite or Office 365 accounts. 
    • Note: Locked out users will still be unable to authenticate via RADIUS or LDAP

New Feature 
  • AD Bridge has been released to enable customers who are required to/prefer to continue to leverage Active Directory® as their authoritative directory to gain efficiency binding AD to various cloud-based and other non-MSFT resources. Our AD Bridge simplifies the process of connecting these external resources to AD, ensuring AD maintains its authority as the central directory.
AD Bridge Bug Fixes/Updates
  1. Now supports Windows Server 2016 (along with 2008 & 2012).
  2. AD Groups with no users do not get synced to JumpCloud Tags.
  3. Nested AD groups do not get synced to JumpCloud correctly. Users from such groups will now be flattened in JumpCloud. Example: create a “Parent” group in AD and 2 children groups (“Child1″ and “Child2″) which are members of Parent. All 3 groups will now be created in JumpCloud and the Parent group will contain all users from both Child1 and Child2.
  4. New users created in AD would sometimes have their password not sync properly to JumpCloud and would appear “unactivated” in JumpCloud.
  5. Password update on Domain Controller not updated Agent Store Password.
  6. Syncs would be initiated even when no changes were being made in AD.
  7. The AD Bridge will now automatically detect password changes made for the AD read-only account (used by the AD bridge to access AD) and update its config file and settings accordingly.
  8. Optimized AD Queries with a more efficient implementation of AD groups tree traversal.
  9.  AD Bridge fails to add a user if the AD domain name was entered using mixed case while configuring the AD Bridge.
  10. AD Bridge compares DNs in a case-sensitive manner, causing conflict on update.
  11. AD Bridge crashes or goes into an infinite loop if you add an AD group as a member of itself. This fix will also apply to recursive loops within nested groups (for instance consider the following group tree with a loop: A -> B -> C -> A).

  • The Directories page now has a list view, with details aside panels like other objects in the Console. This list will contain the G-Suite, O-365, and LDAP Directories. The AD Bridge directory list item will be coming soon.
Bug Fixes
  1. Released a fix for User Lockouts that weren’t being propagated to RADIUS and LDAP (locked out users were still able to authenticate against radius and access the LDAP database).
  2. Released a fix for the broken connect key button ‘Copy’ in the Linux agent install tab.
  3. Released changes to text on the user aside for the ‘Enable Global Administrator’ check box. The text will now read “When enabled, this user will have administrator (“sudo”) privileges on all systems they are bound to. When disabled, privileges may be set on a system-by-system basis using the System Bindings tab.”
  4. Released a fix for a problem that arose when installing the agent on Ubuntu 16.04 systems. Kickstart was erroneously requiring uuidgen.
  5. Released a fix for the problem caused by saving invalid integer values for Scheduled Commands, which would cause the webui to crash.

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018 05:08PM MST

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