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Enforcing Automatic Windows Updates With JumpCloud Commands

The JumpCloud agent can be used to deploy PowerShell commands to Windows machines that download and install available windows updates. 

The below commands are available for import using the JumpCloud PowerShell module and can be used to schedule, install, and report on Windows updates.

To import these command first install and launch the JumpCloud PowerShell module.
Select the command you wish to import from the below list and navigate to the section Import This Command and run the code within the script block under this section heading. After running the import command the command will be available for use within your JumpCloud admin console. 

Alternatively, the commands can be built manually by copying the contents of the of 'Command' section of each of the below-linked commands into new JumpCloud PowerShell commands within the commands section of the admin console.  The command Windows - Schedule Automatic Updates deploys a Windows Update script to target machines and then uses 'Schtasks.exe' to create a task on the local system to run this update script daily.

A log of the installed updates is created on the local machine each time the update script runs.

Admins can modify the daily scheduled time of the execution of the update script by modifying the variable $RunTime in the command Windows - Schedule Automatic Updates.

The default $RunTime is set to 9 am local system time. 

Once the task named JCWindowsUpdates has been configured on the local system by the command Windows - Schedule Automatic Updates the task can be run on demand using the command Windows - Run Automatic Updates.

The command Windows - Remove Automatic Updates can be run if admins wish to remove the Windows Update script from their target machines and delete the scheduled task named 'JCWindowsUpdates' which calls this update script.  

Additional command available for import can be found in the JumpCloud Command Gallery

Last Updated: May 31, 2018 01:35PM MDT

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