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How to join JumpCloud's LDAP-as-a-Service with a QNAP QTS NAS

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JumpCloud and QNAP – Background and Integration Basics

To connect your QNAP NAS and authenticate JumpCloud’s LDAP service, it's important to understand the relationship between the products and how they are integrated. The following diagram, in conjunction with the instructions that follow the diagram, show the basic interoperation of JumpCloud’s LDAP authentication service, the QNAP NAS, and the client attempting to access files.

Setting up a JumpCloud Samba Service Account: Enable a User as an LDAP Bind DN​

To enable a user as an LDAP Bind DN:
  1. Select or create a new user to setup a Samba service account to be used for LDAP authentication with QTS:
    1. Specify an initial password for the account.
      Tip: Consider setting the password to never expire. 
    2. Enable the account as an LDAP Bind DN.

  1. In Groups, select the user groups that will be synced to QTS.
    1. Highlight the Group of Users, then go to the DETAILS tab.
    2. Select Create Linux group for this user group on a per-group basis. A corresponding user group will be created on the NAS in Domain Groups.
  2. Select Enable Samba Authentication to let all users added to the group access shared folders on the NAS using their JumpCloud username and password.

Configuring QTS for Microsoft Networking

Important: To access file shares on Windows, the name of the workgroup configured in QTS must be identical to the name of the workgroup configured in your JumpCloud LDAP Instance.

  • To view the name of the QNAP QTS Workgroup: 
    Go to Control Panel > Network & File Services > Win/Mac/NFS > Microsoft Networking.
  • To view the name of the JumpCloud workgroup: 
    In the JumpCloud Administrator Portal, go to Directories > JumpCloud LDAP > DETAILS.

Integrating a JumpCloud LDAP Instance in QTS

To integrate your JumpCloud LDAP instance in QTS:
  1.     In QTS, go to Control Panel > Privilege > Domain Security.
  2.     Select LDAP authentication.
  3.     For Select the type of LDAP server, select Remote LDAP server.
  4.     For LDAP server host, enter ldap.jumpcloud.com.
  5.     For LDAP security, select a security type such as ldap://(ldap+TLS).

  1. For Base DN, enter the string displayed in JumpCloud under ORG DN in Directories > JumpCloud LDAP > DETAILS.


  1. For Root DN, enter the string displayed in JumpCloud under SAMBA SERVICE ACCOUNT DN in DIRECTORIES > JumpCloud LDAP > DETAILS.
  2. Enter the password for the SAMBA SERVICE ACCOUNT. This is the JumpCloud LDAP administrator password.
  3. For Users base DN and Group base DN, enter the same string, starting from "ou=Users,o=<Your Org ID>,dc=jumpcloud,dc=com”.


  1.  Click ApplyThe LDAP authentication options window appears.
  2.  Select LDAP users only: Only LDAP users can access the NAS via Microsoft Networking.


  1. Click Finish.

The NAS connects to the JumpCloud LDAP directory. The connection is established when the Status shown is Online.

JumpCloud users will be displayed in Users or Shared Folders under Domain Users.

JumpCloud user groups will be displayed in User Groups under Domain Groups.

Reference Materials

JumpCloud LDAP

Because a QNAP NAS will defer its authentication to an external LDAP server, it is important to understand the basics of enabling and configuring JumpCloud’s LDAP service.

JumpCloud LDAP NAS/Samba Integration Step-by-Step Worksheet

Using JumpCloud's LDAP-as-a-Service

Enabling JumpCloud’s Samba/SMB

Once LDAP has been configured, you must enable Samba/SMB-specific authentication attributes. This allows JumpCloud’s LDAP service to securely use Windows or macOS clients to access shared folders on a NAS via Samba/SMB.

Enabling Samba Support with JumpCloud LDAP

Configuring QNAP for Microsoft Networking


Configuring a QNAP NAS to use JumpCloud

JumpCloud has specific documentation on configuring a QNAP NAS to authenticate its LDAP services.

Configuring a QNAP NAS to use JumpCloud's LDAP-as-a-Service





Last Updated: Mar 21, 2019 12:34PM MDT

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