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May 2019

Feature Releases

  • You can now connect your JumpCloud account to Abacus with the Abacus SAML SSO Connector.
  • Agent 0.10.63:
    • The Close button is disabled on the JumpCloud Mac app during a password reset.
    •  Pressing Command + Q no longer kills the JumpCloud Mac App process.
    • JumpCloud managed Mac users are blocked from changing their password in System Preferences.
    • Users provisioned to Mac systems have a primary gid set to the staff group.
    • Improved logic to clean up password sync when user’s password is already in sync on Mac systems. 

  • Users are now prompted to change their password after they log in to their portal for the 7 days leading up to their password's expiration. See How Do I Change My JumpCloud User Account Password? and Security Settings
  • MFA status now displays correctly on the System panel Users tab.
  • We no longer send a MFA activation email to users who have configured MFA for their account when an admin enables MFA for their account.
  • Fixed an issue that restricted users from completing their MFA setup.
  • We've updated the email we send to users when their JumpCloud account password is expiring: Users will receive one email a day for 7 days leading up to expiration that asks users to update their password. When users click the Reset Password button in the email, they are taken to a page that lets them choose which system they use. If they select Mac, they are shown how to update their password in the JumpCloud Mac app. If they select Windows or Linux, they are taken to the User Password Reset page.

  • Agent 0.10.60:
    • Keys preventing reinstall of agent after uninstall are now deleted, and the agent can be reinstalled.
    • Users are no longer removed from FileVault if they are the last FileVault enabled user on the machine. 
    • Users of Mac systems with expired passwords aren't removed from FileVault and can self-recover their account.
    • JumpCloud processes quit immediately following removal of the JumpCloud agent on macOS systems.
  • The User Portal's Change Password modal has been updated to point Mac users to update their password in the JumpCloud Mac app. How Do I Change My JumpCloud User Account Password?

  • Admins can now upload metadata files when creating or updating SAML generic and pre-built connections using the Upload Metadata button. The metadata files admins upload come from the remote application and contain the necessary information to configure a SAML connection, removing the need for admins to manually enter information for the connection they are configuring.


  • You can now include the groups a user is a member of in SAML assertions with the SAML 2.0 Connector. KB Article: Single Sign On (SSO) with SAML 2.0 Connector.
  • Admins are now prompted to confirm the number of users or systems they are attempting to delete during a bulk delete action by entering the number, then clicking delete. KB Article: Admin Portal More Actions Menu.
  • Improved messaging when a selected user's information fails to load.
  • Updated Directories to only display configured Directory integrations.
  • Updated Directories to allow the creation of new domain instances.
  • Moved the selected resource count to be aligned with the Admin Portal More Actions menu for Systems and Users.
  • After a bulk action completes successfully, selected resources are deselected. 
  • Resolved an issue where an error displayed on a user when certain fields (addresses and phoneNumbers) were left blank.

Bug Fix:
  • A text update was made to Mac policies to more accurately reflect the supported OSes.
  • Added Windows Update Settings that were previously removed from the Windows Update Settings policy.


Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 06:53AM MDT

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