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(All OSes) How to Uninstall the JumpCloud Agent

It is advised to uninstall the JumpCloud Agent via the JumpCloud Administrator Console by removing the system endpoint or via API. This will ensure the system will be unbound from the Jumpcloud tenant & currently bound polices uninstalled. This uninstall sequence can take up to 2 minutes to fully reflect on the system. Uninstalling via the system o/s itself should be used as a last resort if the endpoint is no longer online or communicating with JumpCloud.

Uninstall via the JumpCloud Administrator Console

  1. Go the to the JumpCloud console systems view
  2. Select the system you want to uninstall the agent from
  3. Click the "delete" button.

This will cause the cause the agent to be deleted from the connected system. 

Uninstall via API

The API documentation provides an example of deleting systems. This method will remove the JumpCloud agent from any active, managed system(s). 

Manual Uninstall

Manually removing the agent will orphan the System record in your JumpCloud admin console. To manually remove the agent:

Debian / Ubuntu

service jcagent stop
apt-get remove jcagent
rm -rf /opt/jc

Amazon / CentOS

service jcagent stop
yum remove jcagent
rm -rf /opt/jc


Download and run this script to uninstall the agent.
sudo sh
Note: Using the sudo command in Terminal requires an administrator password.


Control Panel -> Programs and Features
Select the JumpCloud agent ("JumpCloud v1.0")
Click Uninstall
If reinstalling the agent for Windows, you may opt to Install or Repair a JumpCloud Agent Installation Using Powershell 

Last Updated: May 03, 2019 01:27PM MDT

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