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User binding fails on Windows due to username length constraint


  • When user is bound to a Windows system, the user is not provisioned
  • System and user status is green
  • Other users may be able to provision to the system without issue
  • The c:\windows\temp\jcagent.log will show:
2016/03/18 09:27:54 [1280] XX: In AddUser() - err=In*WinUserMgr).AddUser, line 247: DLL call OK, returned: raw=2202, raw-NERR_BASE=102
2016/03/18 09:27:54 [1280] XX: After wm.AddUser(), retValue=2202, err2='In*WinUserMgr).AddUser, line 247: DLL call OK, returned: raw=2202, raw-NERR_BASE=102'
2016/03/18 09:27:54 [1280] in userMod(a_very_long_user_name, [Firstname Lastname])
2016/03/18 09:27:54 [1280] userAdd(a_very_long_user_name) failed - err=Error unsetting disable bit for user (a_very_long_user_name), err='GetUserInfo() failed, err='Could not get USER_INFO_1 structure for 'a_very_long_user_name', err='In*WinUserMgr).GetUserInfo, line 455: DLL call OK, returned: raw=2221, raw-NERR_BASE=121'''

The username contains more than 20 characters


Recreate the user with less than 20 characters in the username.  In mixed or Windows only  environments, it's recommended to use a naming convention for the Username to not exceed 20 characters. 

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2017 11:36AM MDT

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