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Inactive System records missing details


  • Inactive records in the system view 
  • System records are missing some or all of the system details such as hostname, OS, IP, etc...
  • No users are bound to the system, nor is it a member of any Group of Systems


This issue can occur when the agent is installed on a system, then the process is immediately stopped. If the agent service is stopped prior to completing the process of gathering system data, either by an unexpected crash, manual shutdown, or system shutdown, etc; those details will not be communicated back to JumpCloud and therefore will not be displayed in the Systems view.  

This scenario may be experienced in environments where servers are automatically scaling; provisioning and deprovisioning without user interaction. 



There is no way to determine the details of the system in this scenario. If there are no users bound and it is not a member of a Group of Systems, then the record can be safely deleted either manually, or by leveraging the JumpCloud API to automate the process.

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2018 12:43PM MDT

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