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New to JumpCloud®? Take a look at the following Frequently Asked Questions to learn about who JumpCloud is and what we do for you.  

What is JumpCloud and what does it do?

JumpCloud is an identity management service. Our product lets you to manage one core username and password to access all of the resources you use as part of your job and as an employee in your organization—your computer, company servers, web applications, wireless connections and more.

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How do I access my JumpCloud user account?

You can access your JumpCloud user account from your JumpCloud User Portal:

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How do I use the JumpCloud User Portal?

You can manage your own identity through the User Portal. For example, you can set your password and update your name and contact information. If you are a technical employee such as a sysadmin, you can manage your SSH keys from the User Portal.
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What do JumpCloud identities connect to?

Everyday, JumpCloud securely connects you to the resources you need as an employee. We connect your identity to your laptop, the WiFi in your office, your Google or Office 365 accounts, the applications you use to do your job and to manage your employee benefits, and more. Talk with your JumpCloud Administrator to learn about the specific services in your organization that use your JumpCloud identity.


Can I reset my own password? If so, where do I do that?

Yes! You can reset your own password at any time. Learn how. When you update your password it almost instantaneously syncs with all the machines and services that use your JumpCloud identity. Be aware that when you update passwords directly in the services that use your identity, your new password isn't automatically synced with JumpCloud, and your password will be considered "out of sync."

How can JumpCloud help me generate strong passwords?

Your administrator dictates the strength and complexity settings of the passwords you can create for your JumpCloud account. For example, they can require that you create passwords that include capital and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, and include a minimum number of characters. They can also dictate how long you can use a password. Don't worry about trying to remember when you need to change your passwordJumpCloud sends you emails to remind you when you need to change your password.

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How does JumpCloud help secure my identity?

JumpCloud takes security seriously. Our platform offers various utilities to help you secure your identity. For example, your administrator can require you to create complex passwords with special characters and numbers. When you create or update your password, the JumpCloud platform validates the characters you use to help make sure that you follow those standards your organization requires.
Your organization may also require that you use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for your User Portal or your computer, or both. MFA uses a one-time password that is generated from an app installed on your mobile phone. This app generates a second factor password that you enter with your JumpCloud password when you login to any resource that is configured to use MFA.

Note that the JumpCloud platform never sees or stores the actual passwords you create on your computer. We transport and store what are called hashes. These hashes are created with complex encryption algorithms that hide your passwords.

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What browsers are currently supported to access my User Portal?

The User Portal supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Be sure to enable Javascript and cookies. Third-party plugins can occasionally cause issues. If you experience issues while accessing or viewing your User Portal, try a private browsing window.

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Last Updated: May 10, 2019 01:11PM MDT

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