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JumpCloud Agent does not register or a System stops reporting

  • A newly installed agent does not show up as a new system record in the console
  • A newly installed agent shows up in the console, then goes inactive (red) within 10 minutes
  • A previously reporting system has gone inactive (red) in the console

  • The service is not running/not running properly/won't start
  • There is a network issue
  • Systems are deployed from an image that has not been configured correctly with a preinstalled agent

  • Verify the system complies with JumpCloud Agent Compatibility, System Requirements, and Impacts​
  • If deploying from an image, DO NOT start the agent after deleting the the specified files. When the agent starts, it recreates the files and also creates a unique system record in your organization. Deploying from an image in this state will result in duplicate system records where only the most recent to check in will show active. 

Service issues:
  1. Check that the service is running.  If it is not, start it and verify the service stays running. See Stopping, Starting, or Restarting the JumpCloud Agent
  2. If the agent does not start or stay running, follow the JumpCloud Agent does not start or synchronize changes.

Network Issues:
  1. Verify both the system and network comply with JumpCloud Agent Port Requirements

If after verifying all prerequisites and the service status, gather the following information and submit a Support Request.
  • OS Version/build number
  • Agent version, found in 
    • MAC | LINUX: /opt/jc/version.txt
    • WINDOWS: C:\Program Files\JumpCloud\Plugins\Contrib\version.txt
  • The agent log, found in
    • MAC | LINUX: /var/log/jcagent.log
    • WINDOWS: C:\Windows\Temp\jcagent.log

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2019 04:49PM MST

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