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JumpCloud Agent does not start or synchronize changes


The agent does not start, starts then stops, or changes made to a system do not synchronize after waiting more than two minutes. Changes can include, but not limited to:
  • Account provisioning/takeover
  • Password changes
  • User details or privilege level
  • MFA Settings

  • Time is not synchronized
  • The agent is not up to date
  • The agent is not running
  • The system is inactive (red) in the console
  • The user is not active (green) in the console
  • The changes are not valid
  • Usernames are not case matched
  • MFA Tokens have not been validated
  • Other management software reverts changes to the system

  1. Verify the system time is synchronized to ntp.org or similar reliable time source
  2. If the agent was installed from a saved file or system image, update the agent with the most recent version available. If necessary, delete the system record from the admin console, uninstall the agent manually, and reinstall.
  3. Make sure the agent is running. If so, restart it.  See Stopping, Starting, or Restarting the JumpCloud Agent.
  4. Verify the agent is active (green) in the console. See JumpCloud Agent does not register or a System stops reporting.
  5. If the user status is not active (green), then hover over the status indicator to obtain the cause and take the necessary corrective action
  6. Certain changes are not valid and will cause a notification alert. When this happens, it's possible the synchronization will partially work, or not work at all. See Configuration Alerts and Notifications.
  7. Usernames are case sensitive, even on Windows.  A case mismatch between the JumpCloud directory and the local system account will result in a variety of sync issues.  See Naming Convention for Users to verify existing system usernames.
  8. Systems will not prompt for MFA until the user has confirmed their TOTP token, see How to Enable Multifactor Authentication for Systems
  9. Some configuration software such as Puppet may be configured to manage files that JumpCloud manages. This will cause a conflict. See JumpCloud Agent Compatibility, System Requirements, and Impacts for a detailed list of files the JumpCloud agent manages.
There may be other conditions that cause the agent to fail to either start or synchronize changes. Verify the above resolution steps, then gather the following information and submit a Support Request.
  • A description of specifically what fails to synchronize, including affected username(s)
  • The system ID(s)
  • OS Version/build number
  • Agent version, found in
    • MAC | LINUX: /opt/jc/version.txt
    • WINDOWS: C:\Program Files\JumpCloud\plugins\contrib\version.txt
  • The agent log, found in
    • MAC | LINUX/var/log/jcagent.log
    • WINDOWS: C:\Windows\Temp\jcagent.log
  • Your timezone, and the time when the change was made in the Admin Console

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2019 04:46PM MST

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