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Importing Customer User Attributes into JumpCloud from CSV

Within JumpCloud you may configure for custom user attributes, which you can read more about in Getting Started: Custom User Attributes.  This article is intended to provide administrators a method of modifying these attributes using the JumpCloud API.

JumpCloud provides a pre-compiled binary within our API Utility rollup. Download the latest rollup on GitHub, the uncompressed package will contain the file ImportUserAttributes_os_arch.

ImportUserAttributes Usage

Linux / Mac OS X:
# ./ImportUserAttributes_darwin_amd64
Usage of ./ImportUserAttributes:
  -api-key="": -api-key=<API-key-value>
  -input="": -input=<CSV-filename>
  -output="": -output=<result-log-filename>
  -url="": -url=https://console.jumpcloud.com/api

# ./ImportUserAttributes_darwin_amd64 -api-key="YOUR_API_KEY" -input="PATH_TO_CSV" -output="PATH_TO_OUTPUT_LOG" -url="https://console.jumpcloud.com/api"

PS C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads> .\ImportUserAttributes.exe
Usage of ./ImportUserAttributes:
  -api-key="": -api-key=<API-key-value>
  -input="": -input=<CSV-filename>
  -output="": -output=<result-log-filename>
  -url="": -url=https://console.jumpcloud.com/api

PS C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads> .\ImportUserAttributes_darwin_amd64 -api-key="YOUR_API_KEY" -input="PATH_TO_CSV" -output="PATH_TO_OUTPUT_LOG" -url="https://console.jumpcloud.com/api"

Building the CSV File

The first row will need to include the following format for the first two columns headers:

​email - Users are identified from the CSV based on the email address input, and should match that of the email address of the JumpCloud User.

Custom Attribute Name - This entry represents the Attribute Name that you would like to assign the users.  Further information on Attribute Name may be found in the aforementioned Customer User Attributes article.

From the second row onward, the entries will act as values for either "email" or the Custom Attribute Name specified.  In the below example, I would like to give the users a Customer Attribute Name of "Manager".  From here the further inputs denote the user's manager name.

The exported CSV should look like this based on the above:
user@domain.com,John Doe
user@domain2.com,Jane Doe
user@domain3.com,John Doe
user@domain4.com,Jane Doe

Resulting Custom User Attributes

With the above operations completed, you should no be able to confirm that the user's new custom attribute is available when logging in as an Administrator to https://console.jumpcloud.com/ :


Last Updated: Jan 13, 2017 02:26PM MST

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