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JumpCloud Agent for MacOS with FileVault Support

Supported OS Versions: 10.12, 10.13.6, 10.14.x
  • For MacOS systems on 10.13.6 or above, a native Administrator service account is created, and credentials are required during installation for support with secureToken in conjunction with FileVault.  Please refer to Managing users with High Sierra, FileVault, and APFS for more information
  • When provisioning a new user, add them to the FileVault configuration so they can unlock the disk (This first phase of FileVault support does not yet allow for adding or removing users from the Filevault configuration automatically)
  • This release does not address known keychain synchronization issues.  
  • For new or existing users; when the JumpCloud user password is reset, the FileVault password will be sync'ed on next user logon.

End-User Workflow on JumpCloud Password Reset
  1. If a password reset is initiated while the system is off, it will need to be turned on and unlocked with internet access for the agent to synchronize a password change. Logging in is normally not necessary. Go to Step 4.
  2. If the password is reset while logged on, allow about a minute for the sync to occur.
  3. Log off (Don't reboot or power cycle)
  4. Login and if the user is presented with a JumpCloud login window shown below, proceed to 5. Otherwise, the agent has not yet synchronized the password reset. You may need to login with the old password so the JumpCloud agent service can start and/or internet access can be obtained. Go back to Step 2.

  5. Enter the previous password, then the new password, if this step is missed the password will not synchronize with FileVault.
  6. Login is complete and the FileVault password will be in sync. Test by power cycling the system and unlock the disk with the new password.

Any issues regarding password synchronization on a change, please see JumpCloud Agent does not start or synchronize changes.

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2019 03:35PM MST

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