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Resetting your JumpCloud Password for Mac Users

Mac® users can change their passwords from three places:

If you're a Windows® user, go here to learn how to change your password.


  • Be aware that the passwords you create must adhere to the complexity settings your organization requires for user account passwords. You'll get an error if you attempt to create a non-compliant password. If you aren't sure what your organization requires for user account passwords, ask your JumpCloud Admin.
  • In addition to your organization's password complexity settings, your password also has to adhere to the password complexity settings of the applications you log in to from JumpCloud. For example, Office 365 requires passwords that are between 8 and 16 characters. If you need help determining the password complexity settings of the applications you use, ask your JumpCloud Admin.
  • If your account gives you access to SSO applications, it may take several minutes for your password to update for your SSO applications after you change it in JumpCloud.

Reset from your Mac App (Recommended option)

We recommend using the Mac® app to change your JumpCloud® user account password. It’s secure and can be done in fewer steps than changing your password from a browser.
To change your password from the JumpCloud Mac App:

  1. Open the JumpCloud App from your Mac menu bar.

Note: If you don’t see the app, it’s not enabled for your account. See Reset from Any Browser for alternate instructions.


  1. Enter your Current Password, then your New Password. Confirm the new password, then click Save.

Note: If you see an MFA field that asks you for an MFA token, you have MFA enabled on your JumpCloud account and need to enter in a token with your new password. You should already have a token generator app on your phone or desktop, like Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, FreeOTP or Yubico Authenticator. Open your MFA app, find your JumpCloud User MFA token, and enter the token you see.

Your password is reset for your computer and all other services that are connected to your JumpCloud account.

Reset from a Supported Browser

Use this option if you don’t see the JumpCloud App on your Mac menu bar, or if your password is about to expire and you don’t have your Mac handy.
For a list of browsers JumpCloud supports, see Supported Web Browsers.


Change Your Password from the User Portal Login

To change your password from the JumpCloud User Portal Login:
  1. Go to the JumpCloud® User Portal: https://console.jumpcloud.com.
  2. If you're viewing the Admin Portal Login, click User Portal Login.
  3. Click Reset User Password.

    The Reset Password Request page appears.
  4. Enter your company email address, then click Send Reset Request. You'll receive an email from JumpCloud with instructions for resetting your password.

Change Your Password in the User Portal Security Settings

To change your password in the JumpCloud User Portal:
  1. Log in to the JumpCloud User Portal: https://console.jumpcloud.com.
  2. Go to Security.
  3. Click Reset Password. The Update Password screen appears.
  4. Enter your Current Password, followed by your New Password. Enter the new password again to confirm it, then click Save.

Note: If your Mac uses JumpCloud to manage your password, you’ll be asked to enter your old password and your new password the next time you log in to your computer.



Last Updated: May 07, 2019 08:40AM MDT

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