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Unbinding Windows Systems From An Active Directory Domain and Installing the JumpCloud Agent

The JumpCloud agent cannot run on a domain-bound Windows system so to successfully run the JumpCloud agent on a currently domain bound system the system must be removed and unbound from the Active Directory domain. 

Migrating a Windows machine to JumpCloud from Active Directory is a two-step process. 

The first step involves account migration where the ProfWiz utility is used to migrate the profile from the domain account to a new local account.

​After the profiles from the domain accounts are migrated to local accounts, the second step, system migration, involves leaving the Active Directory domain and installing the JumpCloud agent.

Find a sequence diagram below for an overview of the migration process using the JumpCloud AD Migration Toolkit

JumpCloud provides administrators with a curated set of migration scripts and utilities for completing the two-step process of migrating an Active Directory domain bound machine and its user accounts to JumpCloud.

Find the steps for migrating a Windows machine from an Active Directory domain to JumpCloud using the Active Directory Migration Toolkit below. 
  1. Download and unzip the JumpCloud AD Migration Toolkit on the target machine.​​
  2. Log into the JumpCloud admin console and copy the 'Connect Key' to your computers clipboard.
      • The Connect Key can be found under the 'Systems' tab by clicking the green plus and selecting the Mac or Windows tab
  3. Right click on the 'SystemMigration.ps1' and select Edit
  4. The 'SystemMigration.ps1' will open in the PowerShell ISE. Paste your JumpCloud Connect Key into variable $CONNECT_KEY = " " between the " ". 
      • Save the file 
  5. Right click on the 'SystemMigration.bat' file and select 'Run as administrator' 
      • The SystemMigration.bat will unbind the system from the Windows domain.
      • The SystemMigration.bat will launch the SystemMigration.ps1 and install the JumpCloud agent.
      • The system will restart to complete the Windows domain to JumpCloud migration.
Find the full workflow for unbinding Windows systems from an Active Directory domain and installing the JumpCloud Agent using the JumpCloud Migration Toolkit in the sequence diagram below.

See the following KBs for more information: 

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2019 02:10PM MDT

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